1560nm Pico & Femtosecond Fiber Lasers


Repetition Frequency               1 ~ 20 MHz(customizable)

Operating Temperature -5℃ ~ 60℃

Peak Power  ≥ 5 kW

Center Wavelength 1560 nm / 1060 nm

Fiber Type SMF-28e / LMF

Repetition Frequency  5 ~ 50 MHz (customizable)

Output Interface     FC/APC or Collimator

Pulse Width  500 fs ~ 10 ps (Compressible to 200fs)

Based on non-linear effects, our 1560 nm Pico &  & Femtosecond Fiber Lasers utilize highly doped specialty fibers with dispersion compensation techniques. This on-boot mode-lock laser is compact and stable and can be tuned to have customizable pulse width, repetition frequency and output optical power.

Leading Technology

High precision dispersion compensation techniques


Stable Output

Stable mode locking and optical output power

Compact Design

All-in-one Compact Fiber Design

Pulse width, repetition frequency and output optical power can be fully customized.