We provide the world's leading intelligent optoelectrical sensing products and services.


SIHERIA is an innovative corporation, committed to provide the world’s leading intelligent optoelectrical sensing products and services. The company's scientific research team has long been engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as laser, tomography, terahertz technology, holographic extraction, deep neural network, multi-dimensional monitoring, UHF semiconductor materials and AI engine based intelligent edge computing. 

At present, with many years of overseas research and development of the core team and the unique international cutting-edge technology advantages, the company is increasing its investment in technology commercialization and widening our production lines in intelligent optoelectronics field. We mainly focus on security, auto driving and other rising fields like interactive intelligent electronics and are actively providing cutting-edge optoelectrical technology support for these emerging technology industries. In the future, Siheria will deploy a complete production, sales and research system based on terahertz technology, laser sensing and other intelligent opto-electrical devices. We are aiming to become the leading enterprise in the field of intelligent optoelectronic technology.

Our team

Our company is founded by the returnees team from Silicon Valley, California, United States. The core research team consists of returnees who have been engaged in cutting-edge optoelectronics and artificial intelligence for many years. Many of our team members have studied or worked at the forefront of research institutions in the United States or the world's top 500 companies. We have an overseas branch in United States and a headquarter located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China along with a research and development center. At present, the company has obtained funding from well-known venture capital including Songhe Capital.

Core members have been invited to attend and make report in multiple major international academic forums and academic conferences.

Obtained nearly 100 patents and software copyrights in China and overseas

Published 62 international papers in total

Received many research awards from universities, research institutes, and Fortune 500 companies

Enlight the Future