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Intelligent Terahertz Security Inspection

Terahertz artificial intelligence security instrument is the core product of the SIHERIA® TeraRobo™ series. It adopts our unique biofriendly high penetration terahertz technology and is equipped with SIHERIA® intelligent cloud platform to achieve unattended real-time item inspection. The powerful material recognition and real-time imaging ability of the instrument greatly improves the overall efficiency and quality of security inspection and hence makes contraband, no matter what forms or material it may be, nowhere to hide.

Intelligent Security Gate

With 72° vertical viewing angle, 90° horizontal viewing angle, 0.4m to 2.4m effective detection range and less than 1% measurement accuracy error, this AI processing platform based security gate is an ideal choice for many scenarios. It can trace multiple targets within its detection range and instantly count the inbound and outbound targets.

The terahertz wave is a special electromagnetic wave which has a frequency in between microwave and infrared and in the range of 0.1 to 10 THz ( wavelength from 0.03 to 3 mm ). It possesses many superiorities over other normally used frequencies such as zero hazard radiation, high permeability, wideband and ultra short pulse. It can be applied to multiple areas including astronomy, industry, security, medical uses, communications and others. In 2004, THz technology was named as one of the top ten technologies for changing the future world by MIT Technology Review and now it has already shaped our daily lives dramatically during the past decade. Without any doubt, it will not only be an extremely important cross-field leading technology but also an essential toolkit to explore and alter the future lifes. 

The TeraRobo™ series of products masters a variety of key technology advantages including but not limited to low noise, ultra-stable performance, high signal-to-noise ratio and the ability to perform real-time imaging, with the help of our core terahertz technology. It combines the artificial intelligence big data platform with innovation and breakthroughs in terahertz intelligent optoelectrical technologies and therefore is able to provide complete cutting-edge industrial level solutions to security, automobile and industrial uses.