MEMS Lidar

Core product of the TeraBit™

Vertical Resolution 0.25°

Horizontal Resolution 0.05°

FoV 60°*20°

Frame Rate 20Hz

Recognition Accuracy 5 cm

Maximum Detection Range 200m

Our MEMS Lidar adopts anti-glare laser source and is capable to provide excellent resolution as well as an outstanding recognition accuracy of 5cm at its maximum working distance. It can quickly and accurately identify objects within its field of view and measure distances up to 200m. The lidar is not only reliable and robust but also has a long service life and can be customized to support external triggering and GPS/BDS.

Good Performance

Anti-glare laser source

Accurate & Responsive

Excellent resolution, precise identification ability and long measurement range

Stable & Reliable

Long Service Life, capable of multiple scenarios

Powerful & Multiple Functionalities

GPS, BDS & External Trigger supported