Single Photon Detector


Customized & Scope scalable

Auto Cooling and Over-voltage Protection Design

Wavelength Range 250 nm ~ 1700 nm

Ultra low noise silicon avalanche photodiodes and other single photon detectors

单光子计数装置提供光子高检测效率、宽动态范围和实用性应用。结合超低噪声硅雪崩光电二极管和其它单光子探测器件,具有专门开发的光学、电路和信号处理电子设备,该模块可以提供单光子所需的检测波段范围为250nm - 1700 nm(根据客户需求定制,可扩展)。对于器件冷却和过压保护,装置有专门的设计。结合超导单光子探测器件,装置可应用于诸多前沿研究。

Major Detect Devices

Si APDs 

The avalanche effect of Si APDs makes it ideal for detecting weak optical signals with a wavelength from 250 to 1100nm.



InGaAs avalanche photodiodes are used to detect signals in the 1100 ~ 1700 nm spectral range. Its noise is lower than that of the germanium diode and is an alternative choice of Si APDs.



  • Quantum Communication

  • Medical Imaging Research

  • Lidar

  • Astronomy

  • Automatic Driving

  • Satellite Remote Sensing

  • Spectroscopy

  • Non-contact Temperature Testing

  • Spectrophotometry