Optical Fiber HD Relay Module

Core product of the TeraSecurity™

Range: 30/60/80km

HDCP Standard Supported

HDMI 1.4, HDMI interface hot swap and 3D supported

Maximum Resolution: 3840×2160@30HZ (4K standard)

Can be customized to provide extra support for WIFI, GPS, NB_IOT, Zigbee and other ports.

This module supports uncompressed lossless none delay real-time HDMI1.4 signal real-time transmission as well as HDCP, EDID, CEC signal real-time backhaul transmission. Both single-core fibers and dual-core fibers are suitable for the system. With a maximum non-interference transmission range of 100km, this module can be applied to various scenarios.

Efficient & High Quality Solution

Efficient & High Quality Solution

Multiple Transmission

Support both single-core fibers and dual-core fibers

Long Working Distance

100km Transmission Distance

Multiple Applications

Suitable for various scenarios