Flash Optical Lidar


FoV 8°*45°

Recognition Accuracy 5cm

Detection Distance Range 100 m

Frame Rate(6 Hz ~ 120 Hz)

Adopted with anti-glare light source, our Flash Optical Lidar is capable to measure 16 points simultaneously and accurately identify objects from the surroundings. It provides excellent resolution as well as an outstanding recognition accuracy of 5cm at its maximum 100m working distance. Without moving parts, the lidar is ultra-quiet and highly reliable even in extreme environments. It can be customized to support external triggering and GPS/BDS. 

Stable & Reliable

Anti-glare laser source

Compact & Easy to adjust

Tunable Frame Rate

Powerful Performance

Long Service Life, can measure multiple points simultaneously

Accurate & Responsive

High identification precision and wide detection range

Multiple Functions

GPS, BDS & External Trigger supported

Well Engineered

Ultra-quiet design without any moving part