CES 2020: SIHERIA Corp. Advanced MEMS and ToF Lidar Ignite Strong Interest from Global Customers

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most popular showcase of the latest and greatest consumer technologies and products. It’s owned and organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for over 50 years. Every year, in January, Las Vegas catches the attention of the world during the CES. And the 53rd CES was held from January 7 to 10, 2020 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

SIHERIA Corporation introduced and demonstrated its solid Lidar, ToF Lidar, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and so on at Westgate 2407, CES 2020. SIHERIA Corporation attracted many professional visitors from all over the world, including many Tier 1 solution providers, well-known security companies, logistics giants, and professors of world-class universities.

At CES 2020, the smart city is one of the hot topics. And this year, entrepreneurs bring their latest and greatest technologies, products and concepts about smart cities at CES.

What will the smart city look like in the future?

At CES, LG, Toyota, Lenovo and other big Tech companies were showing off their ideas about how to use new tech and the IoT to make cities smarter.

For SIHERIA Corporation at the Smart Cities Westgate-2407, it unveiled its own intelligent photoelectric products as the answer to this question.

Solid-state Lidars make autonomous cars smarter

It’s true that smart transportation is the foundation of smart cities. And building smart transportation should be structured as the realization of autonomous driving and intelligent travel.

At CES 2020, the self-driving car is undoubtedly an important topic. Solid-state Lidar also is one of CES 2020 highlights.

At present, the autonomous driving industry is developing at a high speed. In terms of perception, Lidar is an extremely important technology for self-driving cars which is responsible for the collection of autonomous driving information. Lidar has been widely recognized as the eye of cars which can understand the surrounding environment to make highly reliable decisions.

And solid-state Lidar has significant advantages in terms of stability and durability.

SIHERIA Corporation pays high attention to the solid-state Lidar and unveiled a series of solid-state Lidars at CES 2020 which include Flash Optical Lidar and MEMS Lidar.

◆ Application scenario: Flash Optical Lidar can be used for traffic control, localization and more. MEMS radar can be used for high precision positioning, driving area detection and collision avoidance, etc.

◆ High accuracy and resolution, high speed data acquisition and fast imaging. It can be scanned at different angles according to the actual situation.

◆ The maximum 100m working distance of Flash Optical Lidar is 100 m. And for MEMS Lidar, the maximum working distance is 200 m. They both allow vehicles to spot and avoid hazards on the road in a range of environmental conditions and roadway settings.

◆Anti-glare laser source up to 100Klux and enables you use it indoors or out.

Specific parameters

Flash Optical Lidar: Frame Rate(6 Hz ~ 120 Hz), Measure 16 points simultaneously, Recognition Accuracy 5cm, FoV 8°*45°, Detection Range 100 m, Ultra-quiet design without any moving part, Highly reliable even in extreme environments.

MEMS Lidar: Horizontal resolution 0.05 °, Vertical resolution 0.25 °, Recognition Accuracy 5 cm, Frame rate 20 Hz, FOV 60 ° * 20 °, Maximum Detection Range 200m

There’s no doubt that Lidar plays a major role in the future smart city.

And how was the reaction of professional consumers to the Lidars from SIHERIA Corporation at CES 2020?

Let ’s take a look together!

ToF Lidars make warehouse logistics more efficient

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) plays an important role in realizing the smart logistics. Through the Goods-to-person method, AGV can save labor cost and raise efficiency. The high growth of AGV also requires a better sensing and control system.

In the warehousing and distribution logistics market, sensors have attracted more and more attention which enables AGVs for safe navigation and collision avoidance, especially ToF Lidar.

To meet different needs, SIHERIA Corporation has launched the ToF lidar series, which includes ToF lidar SH-LM01, SH-LM02 and SH-LM03. All three products have an outstanding recognition accuracy of 1cm.

The design of ToF Lidar can also reduce the impact of both ambient light and water vapor absorption and meanwhile keeps the structure compact and lightweight. This makes it suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), AGV, public transportation systems and more.

◆ SH-LM01: high output anti-glare LED source, FOV 3 ° * 3 °, Maximum detection distance of 12 m.

◆ SH-LM02: VCSEL light source, FOV 49 ° * 18 °, Maximum detection distance of 16 m.

◆ SH-LM03: VCSEL light source, FOV 60 ° * 45 °, Maximum detection distance of 12 m.

Perimeter intrusion detection system makes cities safer

As one of the important security protection systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is a key part of smart cities. It can detect potential intruders, initiate an alarm in real time and collect specific information from the target which will make the future city more secure.

At Smart Cities, CES 2020, SIHERIA Corporation introduced the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, which can help detect, classify and precisely locate a number of activities. This enables a safer and smarter life in the future.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System from SIHERIA Corporation has two highlights: larger perimeter up to 10 km and high sensitivity. It can greatly minimize false alarms and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of safety features which meets the future security demand.

◆Detect multiple events at once.

◆Identify an intrusion with an accuracy of 1m on a perimeter up to 10 km in length, thereby enabling a swift response.

◆Real-time visual screen alarm. Once an intrusion attempt is detected, the system can quickly respond to a threat and operators could be warned immediately.

Looking forward to corporations

Over the four-day CES 2020 event in Las Vegas, SIHERIA Corporation communicated with key customers and received great feedback. We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the coming age of smart optoelectronics.