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Address: 1106, Phase I, Overseas Scholars Building, No.29 Gaoxin South Ring Road, Nanshan District, ShenZhen, China, 518000

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01/   影音传输服务

矽赫科技拥有自主开发的影音传输平台,我们可以为客户提供基于 TeraHertz+的远距离高清影音信号传输服务。


√   抗干扰;使用光纤进行信号控制,不惧EMI,EMC干扰;

√   支持定制Wi-Fi,GPS,NB_IOT,Zigbee,Lora串口功能,可适配不同的数据传输需求;

√   最大分辨率:3840x2160@30Hz(4K标准)

√   传输距离最远可达80km

√   支持HDCP标准

01/   Video Transmission Service

Our high quality HD video transmission platform enables us to provide customers with top rated long distance HD video signal transmission service based on our TeraHertz+ .


√   anti-interference; use optical fiber for signal control, high resistance to EMI and EMC;

√   Support custom Wi-Fi, GPS, NB_IOT, Zigbee, Lora serial port functions, can adapt to different data transmission needs;

√   Maximum resolution: 3840x2160@30Hz (4K standard)

√   Transmission distance up to 80km

√   Support HDCP standard

02/   周界监测服务

使用 TeraSecurity系列产品,我们可以向客户提供基于 TeraHertz+的周界监测服务,例如对关键区域如临时堆放点、危险作业区域、建筑工地等场景进行周界监测。


√   定位精度高,最小定位精度可达1m

√   多点定位

√   采用智能算法,滤除环境干扰噪声

√   支持一体部署作业

√   可以与其他监测设备联机

02/   Periphery Monitoring Service

Key areas, such as construction material piles, construction area or temporary blocked area can be monitored and secured using our TeraHertz+ based TeraSecurity serial products.


√   High positioning accuracy, minimum positioning accuracy up to 1m

√   Multi-point positioning

√   Using intelligent algorithms to filter out environmental interference noise

√   Support integrated deployment

√   Can be connected to other monitoring equipment

03/   产品开发|测试

矽赫科技致力于提供全球领先的智能光电感知产品和服务,公司拥有自主研发能力并配备了先进的研发、测试设备,可以为客户提供基于 TeraHertz+的产品定制开发、测试等服务。

03/   Product Develop|Testing

We possess independent research and development capabilities, have advanced R&D and testing equipment and are dedicated in providing highly rated and leading intelligent optoelectronic products and services based TeraHertz+.