Photon TeraPhotonics


Single Photon Detector

Single Photon Detector utilizes our ultra-low noise silicon avalanche photodiodes and single photon components to provide a practical, wide dynamic range and efficient solution for 250 - 1700 nm wavelength ultra weak optical signal detection. It includes a cooling device and an anti-overvoltage design for protection and thus makes it reliable and robust even under harsh conditions.


Chaotic Light System - Precision Sensing

Chaotic light precision sensing series includes chaotic light source and chaotic light detection system. Chaotic laser is a wide-spectrum noise-like source signal, which is a random optical signal and has a special low coherence. The chaotic light detection system achieves a precision of 10 cm in the 100 m detection range and can be used for long range precision sensing solutions.


Based on weak photon detection technology, the photon TeraPhotonics™ series has the advantages of high sensitivity and excellent stability and are capable to detect and count single photons or other extremely weak optical signals. It can be applied in quantum communication, quantum imaging, lidar, fiber sensing, spectrometry, medical research, astronomy and many other fields. Compared with traditional photon sensors, our TeraPhotonics™ series increases the sensitivity and accuracy by orders of magnitude for extreme low signals and hence can have a decisive impact in the relevant fields.


One of our TeraPhotonics™ series products, single photon systems, integrates ultra-low noise silicon avalanche photodiodes along with other special designed single photon detectors and processing electronics. A dedicated cooling device and a robust anti-overvoltage design are included as well for extra protection.