Fiber Sensing TeraSecurity


Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is accurate and highly reliable. With the behavior detection algorithm and spatial filtering algorithm, the system is able to detect and precisely locate intrusion behaviors through cutting, pressing and lifting the fiber. The system equips with real-time screen alarms and a monitoring system, has up to 1m positioning accuracy, and can achieve cross-platform data synchronization.


Optical Fiber HD Relay Module

This module supports uncompressed lossless none delay real-time HDMI1.4 signal real-time transmission as well as HDCP, EDID, CEC signal real-time backhaul transmission. Both single-core fibers and dual-core fibers are suitable for the system. With a maximum non-interference transmission range of 100km, this module can be applied to various scenarios.


Based on the cutting-edge optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), raman optical time domain reflectometry (ROTDR), and phase sensitive optical time domain reflectometry (φ-OTDR) technologies, our TeraSecurity™ series fiber sensing product is not only easy to install and monitor but also accurate, stable, reliable and highly sensitive. It is also equipped with Siheria’s AI big data platform and can easily detect and measure distributed information such as vibration, temperature and stress over a long distance and a large area. This product can be integrated into multiple systems like power supply system, fire protection systems, petrochemicals and water conservancy systems and so on. It can also provide advanced and reliable security support for CIP sites and commercial & industrial regions.