Intelligent Terahertz Security Inspection Equipment

Core product of the SIHERIA® TeraRobo™ series



See-through Inspection

None Harazd Radiation

Intelligent Optoelectronics

Terahertz artificial intelligence security instrument is the core product of the SIHERIA® TeraRobo™ series. It adopts our unique biofriendly high penetration terahertz technology and is equipped with SIHERIA® intelligent cloud platform to achieve unattended real-time item inspection. The powerful material recognition and real-time imaging ability of the instrument greatly improves the overall efficiency and quality of security inspection and hence makes contraband, no matter what forms or material it may be, nowhere to hide.

Safe & Reliable

intelligent optoelectronics, terahertz none hazard radiation see-through inspection

Data Synchronization

Cross-platform, visualizble, see-through inspection

Convenient & Fast

Integrated deployment supported

Intelligent & High quality

unattended real-time contraband detection

Efficient & Fast

Highly efficient, up to 1800 baggages per hour.

Accurate Data Recording

History tracking supported, very convenient to trace back or recall previous data and information

Visible & Eye-catching

Real-time light alarm and screen alert

random connection

Both wireless & wired connection are supported